Sunday, February 17, 2013

January 2013 - Presidents' Day Comes Early

I have this friend. She's British but took US citizenship a few years back. For some reason, she's absolutely obsessed with the New England Patriots and most everything American football. She's also a committed Democrat and quite fond of the President. Her daughter suggested that if one could find something with Tom Brady and Barack Obama on it, that would make the perfect present.

Well, her birthday is coming up, so I took up the challenge. You might not be surprised to find that such a product does not exist in the commercial marketplace. I was momentarily excited when I searched for Brady + Obama and got a hit, but it was campaign gear for some Democratic Representative from Pennsylvania. Humbug.

To Spoonflower I went to find some Obama fabric. What do you know, there are artists who designed fabric with his image! I was surprised, but only at the small number of designs available. So I went with the antique looking one in the linen-cotton canvas. Then I searched for Tom Brady fabric there. Not so much overlap between artists and football fans. And probably a whole lot more copyright issues. So I got some basic licensed Patriots fabric from Again, surprisingly little selection, so I went with the one that matched the PoTUS stuff.

A simple small tote, with handles made of the last of the Patriots material. Reversible. Washable. Very Vanessa. Don't tell her yet, because her birthday's not for another 10 days. Hint hint.

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