Sunday, August 05, 2012

Week 31 or Vacation

I'm supposed to be on vacation right now, but I'll check in to say I'm working on a bag. It's based on this tutorial for a drawstring bag. I took one of my husband's old shirts with me, thinking it would be enough to keep me going for a little while, if not to finish the bag entirely. As it turns out, one shirt will only make the bottom of a bag for me. Luckily my dad is married to a pack rat, so I was able to get more shirts from him, along with one of my own that had been languishing in his basement since my college days. No need to get specific, but it dates from the last century and then some. But it's tie-dyed, and the rest of the shirts are white, so there will be a stripe of color in the mix. Since my goal is to use up fabric, I will not be running out to the thrift store for more shirts, so the bag will be as big as the shirts allow.

One note on finding things. I spent about 20 minutes ransacking my fabric and yarn boxes looking for my giant crochet hook. I bought it just for a project like this, to work with t-shirt yarn. Then I moved my "office" space within the house and put my roll of knitting needles and crochet hooks somewhere very sensible and obvious. To my 6-months-ago-self. My today-self did not think the spot so obvious any more. Now that I have the hook, though, I will be on the lookout for more shirts from which to make a crocheted rug for the living room.

Another fabric score comes from a teacher friend who just moved and must have found things in the process. I now am the proud owner of chalkboard fabric. Which until now I did not know existed. I think I shall have to use it for the 3rd Lego box/bag/mat. How fun is that? It's nice and sturdy and the kids can sketch their ideas on the lid!

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