Friday, April 06, 2012

Week 14 or the Easter bags

About a year ago, I got a bunch of material at a yard sale. A home decorator was clearing out half her house and was selling off bolt ends. I got some red ticking that got made into a Christmas tree skirt this past December, to replace the length of burlap that had been doing the job. And some black ticking. About 7 yards of robin's egg blue woodland floral print cotton that I think should have been named Aunt Edna's Couch. Bonus: it was labeled as 3 yards, but was actually closer to 7! And this lovely pastel green plaid that just screams Easter to me.

It matches the nasty wallpaper the
former owners used in my sewing room.

Without further ado, I give you two basic grocery bags. I didn't measure the corners for the box bottoms, so the bags turned out a little narrower and deeper than I'd wanted. The material is light enough to take anywhere and strong enough to carry 2 gallons of milk. There's enough material left to make three more, but they'll have to have webbing handles.

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