Monday, January 16, 2012

Weeks 1 & 2

This project started out two weeks behind. Story of my life, these days. So I did a 2-from-1 project. The classic jeans bag, top and bottom.


Actually, they did start out as a complete pair of jeans. You can see the ragged edge of the hole at the bottom of the top half, left leg. I've already unraveled the seams, which goes quickly once you find the correct end of the thread to pull.


The waist bag has handles made from cotton webbing meant to be used for the seats of Shaker-style chairs. The Shaker Workshop, in Arlington, MA, sells short lengths of webbing at a discount. It's not enough to make a chair, but it's just right for the straps on yoga mat bags, which I used to make in quantity.

The leg bag's handles are a composite of pink camouflage and purple swirls.


Pam said...

Being made from denim, these bags would be lovely and strong!!!

Alexa said...

They are immensely strong, as long as the stitching at the bottom holds. I've sewn that seam 2 or 3 times, once in each direction and then a zigzag to keep the ragged edges at bay. Plus I backstitch over the joint at the center of the bottom, which tends to give way first. I have one bag that I use for garden tools, and the shears have yet to pierce through the sides.