Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 9

Another short post because of a crazy week. The kids were out on vacation this week, so we were out of town for 5 days.

The trapeze show went great. I did crash into the catcher on my first swing, but I caught both my tricks on my next 2 tries. Thanks to all who came out!

Especially to Amy, who gave me a big bag of big shirts to transform into bags for her school fundraiser. They're leftovers from printings gone by, so many of them are gigantic. Almost ridiculous for shopping bags. But then we got a couple of bags with take-out while we were away, so I used those to size these. It's kinda poetic that a XXXL shirt has been transformed into something to carry a pizza or a box of donuts. The red bag actually has 2 clementine crates in it and the blue bag has a 12" pizza box inside.

So while these might not net enough to send a kid to Europe, they're not completely useless.

Here's my original post on the t-shirt bag concept, with notes on making my version. And here's the tutorial I based it on.

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